How and why is our armour such a great price?
We bulk buy and use modern manufacturing 

Do we copy or recast from other kits?
No, all our moulds are made by us

Some people criticise our kits?
Ask a Ford salesman if you should buy a Nissan and what do you think he will say?
We do receive some criticism from other armour makers and their associates on some forums, but our armour can be less than half the cost of what they charge! 

We ship worldwide

“Why do we charge in US$ if we are based in England?

85% of our sales and customers dont use the GBP so the price is based in US Dollars so it is easy for anyone to convert to their local currency.

Help and support in building your kit.
As with any kit you will need to assemble it and fit it to your size and shape. Please see our support page for links to our Facebook support group and other resources.

What if I damage a part?
Do contact us as we are happy to replace parts

Are the kits any good?
Please ask the 1,000 people in our Facebook support group that have already built our armour as they will give you an honest answer

Are our kits approved by the 501st etc.
As with any manufactured kit, none are automatically approved by the 501st and other groups. If you follow the CRL info and guidance from your build group you can get your kit approved
If you follow the CRL info and guidance from your build group and it looks correct on you then you can get your armour approved