2020 Latest Stormtrooper Armour

Colour Improvements

Armour Colour

The old material was a slightly Blueish white but the new material is now an off white colour to match with other armour kits from other armour makers

Helmet Improvements

Early kits from the 2018 model has the eyes over trimmed and were difficult to finish off looking accurate. The 2020 model has much better eyes that have not been over trimmed.
The helmet to the 2018 had the back part fitting over the top of the dome and leaving a noticeable gap, the 2020 helmet has the back fitting under the dome and has locating indents in the back part so it can not be assembled incorrectly. The minimal gap finish can be easily hidden with a smear of abs paste.
The ears on the 2020 have a better swoop.

Body Improvements


The 2018 kit had 2 shoulder bells that were identical and when worn one would swoop back and one forward, the 2020 kit has 3 shoulder bells included, the same 2 identical ones as the 2018 plus another single shoulder that is shaped different to the others. Effectively giving you 2 different shoulder bells as some want or 2 different “Asymmetrical” shoulders plus a spare to put your garrison “mark or logo” on it and it can be interchangeable with the spare bell.


2018 chest is quite square and symmetrical, the 2020 chest is bigger and more rounded.


2018 ab part was small and had the buttons built in. 2020 ab part is much bigger and Sandtrooper friendly. The ab buttons are molded on separate pieces so you can be a Sandtrooper or a Stormtrooper.


The 2018 kidney was really too big and needed too much trimming to make it fit. The 2020 kidney is much smaller and a better shape with the cut outs added at the bottom.


The 2018 Butt part was again oversize and needed lots of trimming to reduce the size making it very inaccurate. The 2020 Butt is much smaller and a more accurate shape that fits better.

O2 Tank
The 2018 end caps were trimmed a little too much which sometimes was trimmed too much for some people. The control panel was also over trimmed on the 2018. The aluminum clips were 20mm wide on the 2018 kit.
The 2020 model has much bigger end caps with less trimmed off. The control panel is also bigger with less cut off. The aluminum clips are now 1” or 25mm wide and have the black slotted dome head screws included.

The 2020 model has the return edge removed on the forearms


Plastic hand guards were included in the 2018 kit. Plastic hand guards, solid white latex hand guards and black rubber gloves are all included in the 2020 kit.


These are much bigger in the 2020 kit.


The calfs on the 2018 had a funny shape at the bottom looking like they were defective or a bad pull. The 2020 calfs have cleaned lines with the defect removed. They also have dimples molded in at the bottom to show it is the left leg.


The 2020 has the Sandtrooper diamond knee included.

Added Extras


The 2018 kit had elastic straps that were not great. The 2020 kit has a full snaps and straps set that is much more user friendly and higher quality.

Split Rivets

9 split rivets with domed heads have been included for assembling the Abdomen, knee sniper plate and trapezoid.

Male Snaps

3 male snaps have been added, 2 for the Posterior armour and 1 for the right corner of the Abdomen plate.